A what in the bottom of where?

First Crawl to last Dawn.

Our adventurers were found by a certain Orc, by the name of Gro’Brag, and then strongly urged (with promises of gold) to come with this Orc to a cavern which was found in the middle the woods in some unimportant location. There were local stories of undead being raised and supposed reported sightings of a Lich. They gladly accepted after another round of drinks was brought to the table, and were given Rings of Sustenance.

After finishing off their drinks, and taking a good nights rest, they awoke and met at the designated spot the next morning. They were greeted by Mr. Gro’Brag, and were told that the path to the cavern would be long and dangerous, so he hired a mage to get them there… a bit quicker.

After being teleported to their designated cavern, they were lead inside.




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